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We are a leading provider of cutting-edge visitor management solutions. Our innovative product offers seamless check-ins, enhanced security, and efficient visitor flow, ensuring a professional and hassle-free experience.

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What Splan Visitor Management System can provide you?



Splan visitor management software brings efficiency and security benefits across diverse settings. Streamlining check-ins, generating reports, and notifying hosts in offices. Enhancing security and managing attendance in schools and hospitals, including Covid-19 screening. Enabling secure and efficient check-ins in banks and event venues with real-time tracking and customized badges.



Self-service kiosks streamline check-ins, ID scanning automates verification, and customizable badges provide a professional touch. Facial recognition enhances speed and security, and workflow approvals ensure adherence to protocols. Seamless access control integration facilitates efficient check-in and check-out, boosting security with dynamically generated badges.



Temporary badges ensure continuous access for employees, while internationalization accommodates diverse needs. Watchlist alerts enhance security, and reports offer valuable insights. Streamline registration with document scanning and enable touchless entry with mobile credentialing for a safer environment.



Corporate offices gain security with streamlined check-ins and instant host notifications. Educational institutions prioritize safety with background checks and watchlist screenings. Financial organizations benefit from automated check-ins, ID verification, and compliance reporting, while healthcare facilities enhance patient safety with disease screening and appointment management.