Splan SecurInsights™ powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning platform, continuously monitors and sends alert notifications on critical security risks and user, access policy violations. Security teams are now empowered to manage potential threats with the help of SecurInsights™, in a complex IT and physical security environments.

SecurInsights: Effectively Manage Cyber Risk of IT & PACS

In-Depth Security Analysis and Intelligence: Gain Critical Security Insights Today

SecurInsights™ API services seamless integration with HR, Active Directory, Identity Management Systems, SIEM and network monitoring systems to monitor the user badge-in activity and validate against various security policies to send alert notifications to the security team for any security violations such as same access card badge in at two different buildings at same time, active VPN login for the employee who is badge into office facility, tailgating scenarios, facility occupation limits etc.

Splan’s integration with SIEM, Network monitoring system and Sailpoint enables the functionality to mitigate the potential security risks for user VPN login and badge into the facility at the same time.

Customers can also benefit from security intelligence data to make well informed decisions and improve the overall security, safety and compliance of the organizations.

Splan's flexible integration framework can easily extend to integrate with various IT and physical control systems. Splan also collects the data from PACS, SIEM and provides various reports and dashboards.