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Redefining The Workplace: Splan’s Top 10 COVID-19 Safety Solutions

COVID-19 has significantly impacted the way organization sdobusiness. With social distancing protocols put into place that limits the number of people that can gather indoors; remote working has become the new normal. However, the script is changing quickly and organizations around the globe must be prepared when their employees return to the office. Safeguarding the workplace and the people that work there is the only way to get back to business effectively. With the evolution of the Hybrid workplace model, new standards have been put into place to create a safer working environment for all. Now more than ever, it is important for organizations to learn about the latest technology that can support a hybrid workplace and help solve the many challenges associated with it. Today, technologies from the physical security industry which includes visitor management, access control, video surveillance and video management systems are playing a huge role in making buildings safer. Splan Inc has made a huge impact on the security industry and is helping to redefine the workplace with easier and more secure way to manage employees,contractors and visitors. From small to medium size to enterprise-level businesses; implementing COVID-19 best practices to protect the health and safety of employees is essential.

Splan offers an integrated and specialized visitor management software solution that streamlines the process of mobile credentialing. This includes a touch-less check-in experience, covid-oriented questionnaires, capacity planning, policy-based badge activation, track & trace, social distancing & alert notifications, safety programs, incident management & emergency response, facility disinfection monitoring, and office hoteling. This revolutionary visitor management solution is redefining the workplace with a powerful cloud-based or on-premise multi-language solution that offers role-based access for multi-location and multi-tenant buildings. Users can leverage the technology to track, manage, and enforce capacity limitations for workspaces, along with contact tracing, compliance and alerting functionality.


Splan’s Top 10 COVID-19 Safety Solutions can make the workplace a safer environment to conduct business as people return to the office and get back to normalcy.

  1. Touchless Check-in

    Splan’s mobile credentials offers a touchless check-in experience for employees, visitors, and contractors. Today organizations around the globe must address a myriad of challenges that face workplaces in a post COVID-19 world. One big issue is how to create a touchless work environment to eliminate the risk of spreading the virus. With so many people coming in and out of an office building, businesses must have a solid visitor management process in place. With Splan’s Mobile App, a SignInEasy link is sent to a visitor/employee for pre-registration online a smarter, which makes it seamless for users to utilize self-check in. A visitor can scan a QR code with their mobile phone from Kiosk and quickly print an ID Badge onsite to gain access. Facial Recognition can be enabled at Kiosks for added security. In addition, visitors can easily sign an NDA and/or required COVID-19 policy documents right from their mobile phone.

    Splan’s CLEARPASS gives employees and visitors approval or denial to access the building depending on the perimeters set by the business. If self-check in is not possible, the lobby ambassador can check the dashboard and track to make sure that a person went through the required screening and is safe to let into the building.

  2. COVID-19 Safety Questionnaire for Staff, Contractors & Visitors

    During the check-in process, both employees and visitors can be required to complete a COVID- 19 questionnaire as part of the safety screening. An employer typically determines how frequently employees are required to complete the questionnaire to be allowed access into the workplace. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, the mobile credential app allows users to easily complete the questionnaire from their mobile phone and be flagged if they present a risk. With policy-based badge activation, employers have the option to deactivate badges for employees who are deemed as COVID-19 positive and activate badges once they are symptom free and test negative. In addition, employee badge access can be disabled temporarily for a specific duration of time or permanently. Organizations can set internal policies that include deactivating all badges at midnight and provide credentials for certain employees to have access to certain locations within a building and limit access to other areas. Splan’s safety solutions are customizable and can be integrated with most access control systems, making it a perfect solution for companies with multiple buildings/locations.

    In addition to employees, visitors and contractors can be required to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire during the check-in process in order to gain access. If they present a risk, the Splan visitor management system will flag the person and an alert will be sent to the security team to follow-up on any abnormalities.

  3. Track and Trace - Post-Visit Follow-Up

    Contact tracing is the process of identifying persons who may have come into contact with an infected person and the collection of further information about these contacts. By tracing the contacts of infected individuals, testing them for infection, isolating or treating the infected, and tracing their contacts; there will be reduced infection rates in the population. Splan’s unique solution gives users the ability to automatically survey visitors to ascertain if they are symptom free at the 7-day and 14-day mark from their initial office visit when they were flagged a potential risk.  Organizations can simply send an email with a survey link and a contact tracing report can be sent to the security administrator for further assessment.

  4. Social Distancing and Alert Notifications

    It is important for companies today to enforce strict social distancing policies. Enforcing these policies can be made easy with Splan’s visitor management solution that notifies visitors, contractors, and employees when they are not maintaining the proper social distancing at the workplace. With the SignInEasy app, the user’s mobile phone will buzz if they are too close to another person in the office. For visitors, the system can be set to put a limit on how many visitors can pre-register at a given time. If the number of visitors exceeds the count limit set, the administrator will see an error message on their dashboard and override it at any time. By restricting pre-registrations, companies can adhere to social distancing guidelines effectively.

  5. Safety Programs and Events

    Splan is paving the way for employees to return to the office safely with a robust software platform that automates the process of checking in and monitoring employees, contractors, and visitors during their time at the workplace. Organizations now have the ability to conduct on-site events to mitigate COVID-19 risks that includes:

    • Conducting employee COVID-19 test events on-site
    • Having employees scan their ID badge or use work email to check-in to COVID-19 test events
    • Configuring COVID-19 screening questions
    • Exporting reports on who participated in these safety events

  6. Shifts Workforce Management & Capacity Planning

    Splan’s visitor management solution can help organizations plan employee shifts and work schedules seamlessly. Employers can limit the number of employees assigned to a work shift to help meet social distancing guidelines. The system also allows companies to enforce mobile sign in for employees when they arrive for their shift; creating a true touchless check-in experience. Employers can plan schedules in advance and adhere to capacity guidelines by tracking the number of employees, contractors and visitors that are scheduled to be on-site and make necessary changes.

  7. Incident Management & Emergency Response

    An emergency can arise at any time and having an emergency response plan in place is crucial for organizations to mitigate risks and keep employees safe and secure. The Splan visitor management system allows employees to report suspicious activity from their mobile phone and press a “Help” button in case a situation arises that alerts security staff quickly, which can dramatically shorten response times to incidents. The solution can also be used for emergency evacuation alerts that can be sent to employees’ phones and act as a mass communication conduit for an active shooter, fire, and any type of emergency taking place at the workplace. Employers can also use it to update employees on COVID-19 related news, weather conditions, and company news.

  8. Facility Disinfection Monitoring

    Welcoming employees back to a clean and disinfected work environment is a priority for businesses today nationwide. The Splan visitor management system can be used to maintain the safety cleaning schedule, notify the cleaning staff about the sanitization procedures being used, enforce and track the sanitation process, and generate reports/dashboards about the workplace safety cleaning protocol. If there is a conference room that still needs to be disinfected, the system will alert the cleaning staff immediately.

  9. Office Hoteling

    With Office Hoteling being the wave of the future, it is important for organizations of all sizes to have a process in place to enable employees to reserve desk space in advance as part of their return to the workplace. Splan’s Hoteling Solution can help companies optimize workplace real estate and make it simple for an employee to book their day/time in the office. The solution helps avoid common issues such as overbooking, too many employees on-site, unreliable occupancy monitoring, etc. by offering a mobile app to reserve desk space. A company can set their own customized perimeters that limits the number of employees that can come into the office on a particular day. This application creates a much safer environment for employees and promotes a healthy workplace for all.

    As we continue to see more and more organizations and employees return back to the office; technology that supports the many challenges that COVID-19 brings to the table will continue to be an important part of business. With Splan Visitor Management Solutions, companies can rest easy knowing the health of their organization is in good hands.

For more information on installing visitor management software and integrating with your current access control system, please contact Splan at sales@splan.com. We can also refer you to one of our industry leading security integrator or dealer partners.