COVID-19 Safety Solutions:
TouchLess Check In System

Splan helps you implement COVID-19 best practices for your employee's health and safety. Splan offers integrated and specialized features like touch-less check-in experience, covid-oriented questionnaires, temperature screening, social distancing, track and trace using post visit follow-up etc.

Splan Solutions to Protect from COVID-19

Covid Safety for Employees and Visitor

Touchless Check-In Experience

Visitors can use their mobile phones and complete the Check-In process without touching the self service kiosks in the lobby.

They can use the browser on their phone or download the Splan SignInEasy App for faster check-in.They can sign NDA's, answer COVID-19 policy-driven questionnaires, and complete any video training using their mobile phone.

On the self service kiosks, visitors can use Facial Recognition for easy visitor registration.

Covid Questionnaire

Questionnaire During Check-in Process

Employees can be posed with COVID-19 related questions daily.

Employees can use SignInEasy App for all their check-in needs at entrances, test centers etc.

Badges activation and deactivation can be triggered based on the policies.

Visitors can be provided COVID-19 related questions during Check-in process.

The Security Team can review the responses for anomalies and can vet for further screening.

Safety tempature

Temperature Check During Check-in Process

Visitors’/Employees’/Contractors’ temperature readings can be recorded as part of the check-in process. Alternatively only the anomalies like elevated temperature can be recorded.

Configure process flows based on temperature reading such as prompting the security team to vet the person for further screening, prior to checking the person in.

Post Visit Covid Question

Post-Visit Follow-Up

Splan’s unique capabilities can automatically survey visitors to ascertain if they are symptom free after 7 and 14 days from the date of their visit. Our Contact Tracing report is available for the Security Administrator.

Social Distancing for covid Safety

Employee Social Distance

Enforce Employees shift schedules based on capacity limits.

Alert Employees when they are not maintaining 6-foot distance apart with Splan’s SignInEasy App new buzzing feature.

Workplace screening for employees and visitors

Events & Programs: Employee COVID-19 Screening & Medical Enrollment Programs

Employees can scan their badge or use work email to check-in to a COVID-19 Test Event.

Splan reports who has participated in policy driven Access Management.

Pre-Registration for Visitor and Employees

Restrict Pre-Registrations

Reduce the delays in the lobby by configuring a number of visitor pre-registrations at any given time.The system shows an error message to employees if the visitor count limit is exceeded during that time period.

Enforce capacity planning by restricting the number of visitor check-ins at any point of time.