SignInEasy APP for Tracking Visitor Appointments Easy.

Download Splan's SignInEasy app to create, approve, reject and reschedule visitor appointments, all from one app.

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SignInEasy App

Employee Visitor Tracking Made Easy.

SignInEasy is an effective application to manage visitor appointments, check-in/out, approve/reject visitor requests and view visitor history. You can also manage your packages at your workplace easily and efficiently.

Pre-Register Visitors

SignInEasy Mobile App allows you to pre-register visitors meeting your business requirements with approvals and prior notifications.

Track & Manage Visitors

Track and maintain the visitor list and reschedule visitors with minimal effort. Visitor change and visit history are available for any audit or security analysis.

Team in Touch

SignInEasy maintains all your colleague's contacts and makes sure you are in constant touch with your team. Escorting a visitor at your offices is easy with SignInEasy. You can escort check-in and transfer the responsibility to another colleague during busy times.

Receive Notifications

Receive real-time visitor arrival, check-in and check-out alerts. You can also manage deliveries at the workplace and communicate with your front desk personnel.

Review and Approvals

Employees can review visit requests and then decide to either approve or deny requests.

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Splan sigin easy app

Easy Sign-in, Seamless Visits

Splan Puts the Power of Visitor Management right in your hands with a mobile app that is fully featured and easy to use.

Employees or Admin users can manage visitor appointments.

Register a Visitor using a Smartphone instead of a computer or emails.

Escort a Visitor to help improve security and comply with regulations.

QR Code for quick check-in/out.

Approve/reject visitor requests.

Signeasy Mobile App