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Splan UNIFIED BADGING / Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) Solution is uniquely designed and implemented to offer fully integrated, automated workflows and security insights to empower the business process owners such as building/facility/room managers and reporting managers, security administrators to review and manage the access requests for employees, contractors and visitors on a centralized security platform.

Splan’s Unified Badging / PIAM solution enable the users to effectively manage and secure physical access to buildings, facilities, or other secured areas. This can include tasks such as identity verification, authentication, authorization, and the issuance and management of physical access control credentials such as key cards or biometric identifiers and/or mobile credentials. The goal of Splan Unified Badging is to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to secure areas and to maintain the privacy and security of sensitive information. PIAM is a crucial component of an overall security strategy and can help organizations comply with regulations and standards, such as those related to data privacy, protection, employee safety and cyber risks.

Splan UIAM

Splan’s integration library and framework offers, out of the box integrations to many IT, physical and building management systems with ease-of-use configurations, system attribute mapping templates and policies to provide seamless and automation of end-to-end system integrations.

Splan’s Identity Reconciliation service, establishes the identity and access unification across the IT, PACS, BMS systems and provides centralized security & access management functions to implement various identity/card holder lifecycle functions such as Hire-to-Retire, Job Change, Temporary badge requests etc.

Splan Unified badging

Self-Service Functions: Employees and contractors can request for badge, temporary access, assets, visitors, room booking, parking permits, deliveries etc from user friendly web, mobile interfaces, and self-service kiosks. Based on user requests, and policies, splan automatically initiates the workflow requests to notify reporting managers, room owners/managers and security admins to review the access request and make well informed decisions to approve/deny.

Customers can implement within Splan Unified Identity & Badging solution by integrating with Workday HR Feed for all the new hire, job change, and termination requests to initiate the workflow notifications based on policies and automatically provision/deprovision into Lenel OnGuard / Software House CCure and various other Access Control systems.

Splan’s integration framework establish seamless, out of the box integration with various industry leading access control systems and Microsoft active directory, Identity Management systems and Workday, SAP, Oracle and other HR Managements to offer interoperable between PACS and IT systems through identity, card holder mapping, data reconciliation, provisioning/de-provisioning of access, activity monitoring and much more.

Splan Web User Interface can easily integrate within Customer employee portal and Customer employees, contractors can login to Splan using Single Signon without entering userid/pwd in Splan system. Splan SSO-Adon services integrates with Customer’s SSO and adopts multi-factor authentication, zerotrust, password change policies etc.

Badge Access Management: Employees can request for badges using self-service functions or walk-in to security desk and security team can process the badge requests and can review and print them from splan system or CCure access control system. Splan reconciles the data across Workday, Sailpoint and CCure to avoid duplicate badges, reduce security risks and costs.

Access Reviews & Certifications: Splan can be configured to automatically initiate periodic access reviews and certifications for critical / all the physical access for selected/all of the Customer’s employees and contractors to ensure right level of access granted to the users at any given time. Manager gets notified via sms/email with a link to review and approve user’s access based on periodic access configurations.

Splan centralizes all the security functions to effectively manage, physical access requests, visitor requests, parking permits, temporary badges, mobile credentials, access reviews, deliveries, room bookings and much more.

Mustering and Emergency Evaluation: Splan’s mustering functionality enables employees, security, and safety staff to manage emergency evacuation functions and keep track of employees, contractors and visitors are checked-in at reporting areas.

Reports & Dashboards: Splan offers various out of the box identity, card holder, visitors, security, audit reports and actionable dashboards personalized based on roles and permissions of the user. For ex: Employee can see their own requests whereas security admin can see of the reports and dashboards across the organizations.