Splan Visitor Management

Manage visitor registrations and check-ins in an efficient and secured manner.

Visitor Management System
Splan Visitor Management System
Splan VMS
Visitor Management
Splan Visitor Management
Visitor Management Lobby

What makes us the #1 visitor management platform?

Still using a manual log book to check in your visitors ? Consider the benefits of enhancing your guest check-in process with a fast, easy to use, paperless, safe and secure visitor experience.


Pre-register visitors through our online web interface or mobile application. As soon as visitors are registered, the system will trigger the workflow to complete background checks and clearance against a watch list or identity database. Splan visitor management empowers employees to manage changes to visitor information or schedules without calling the front desk or waiting in line.

Visitor Management System


Splan provides an automated method of communication by sending SMS/email/automated phone call notifications to visitors/employees for sign-in/out. When a visitor signs in, Splan immediately notifies their host via email/SMS/automated phone call with visitor details. Notifications can also be sent to selected persons or all visitors in case of emergency. Notification templates are configurable to meet your company's communication standards to notify users about visitor pre-registrations, sign-in/out, escort sign-in and any exceptions.

Visitor Management System

Facial Recognition.

Our facial recognition software helps capture visitor facial coordinates so that a returning visitor can complete the visitor registration and check-in process faster. Splan can also identify visitors on the watch-list and if necessary notify security for immediate action.

vms For Facial recognition
Visitor Management Workflow

Workflow and Approvals

With increasing security concerns, creating dependable workflows to approve visit requests can be challenging at times. Splan makes it easy to review visit requests at various stages with configurable workflows. Security teams can be notified when visitors are flagged with watchlist profile matches. Approvals can be configured at different stages of the visitor life cycle. Notifications for approvals and rejections can be easily configured.

Access Control

Splan seamlessly integrates with various industry leading access control systems for visitor check-in and check-out. Splan provides a highly configurable solution allowing organizations to dynamically change their integration parameters based on unique requirements, per site or location. Splan supports provisioning proximity badges or dynamically generated badge numbers to all leading access control providers. Badge numbers can be printed on the label and can be used on turnstiles for access.

Access control Integration


Splan provides a Tenants module for property owners to manage visitors for tenant companies. Tenants can manage their own visitors and have complete access & control to configure the system. Property owners can centrally manage all visitors across all buildings at different locations while keeping the data segmented for each facility and tenant.

Visitor Management for tenanats


The Splan vendor management module allows you to manage third party service providers like housekeeping, janitorial services, and maintenance contractors. Splan allows vendors to login using secure credentials to manage the portal with a designated vendor coordinator. The coordinator can schedule and manage visitors through Splan, making vendor coordination easy.

Visitor Management for Vendors

Splan Visitor Management Features.

Visitor Management for badge

Temporary Badges

Issue temporary badges for employees who have lost or forgotten their badges.


Internationalization is provided to support 20+languages and unique local geographic compliance requirements.


Use of Watchlists can alert security during visitor registration and check-in / out.

Vms for Visitor Uploads

Visitors Upload

Upload lists of visitors to save on processing time using this feature. Multiple visitors can be uploaded for a single host or multiple hosts making it simple for Employees and Lobby Ambassadors.

WIFI Provisioning

WIFI can be provided for visitors notifying the guest of their unique WIFI credentials to enable login to guest WIFI at the facility upon check-in.


Manage visitor pre-registrations, approvals, check-ins and check-outs using designated delegates for efficient and timely host notifications.

Visitor Management for Reports

Reports and Dashboard

Analytics and dashboards enable security administrators to manage visitors more efficiently. Our out-of-the-box reports and dashboards include data on pre-registered visitors, VIP list, watch list, previously visited visitors, visitor trending, escorted visitors, visitors by location, signed NDAs and more.

Multiple NDAs

Safeguard and secure intellectual property through non-disclosure agreements that visitors can view and/or sign based on business processes.

Document Scanning

Process visitor information through ID card / business card scanning in real time, making the registration process simple and efficient.