Splan Unified Identity & Badging

A smarter, easier and more secure way to manage badge access for employees, contractors, visitors for small, medium and large enterprises.


Splan Unified Badging

Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM)

uniquely designed and implemented to offer fully integrated, automated workflows and security insights to empower the business process owners to manage the access requests for employees, contractors, and visitors on a centralized security platform. Splan Unified Badging seamlessly integrates with Workday/HR, Active Directory, Identity Management Systems and various industry leading PACS/badging solutions and provides interoperability, identity unification, card holders access across the systems and manage the badge life cycle functions.

Splan Unified Badging

Splan SecurInsights™

SecurInsights™ powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning platform, continuously monitors and sends alert notifications on critical security risks and user, access policy violations. Security teams are now empowered to manage potential threats with the help of SecurInsights™, in a complex IT and physical security environments. Customers can also benefit from security intelligence data to make well informed decisions and improve the overall security, safety and compliance of the organizations

Splan's flexible integration framework can easily extend to integrate with various IT and physical control systems. Splan also collects the data from PACS, SIEM and provides various reports and dashboards.


Visitor Management Solutions

Creating a Safe and Secure Experience for your Visitors.

Splan’s intuitive visitor management solution will redefine your overall visitor management experience by providing a streamlined process for pre-registration, communication and check-in regardless of device or environments. This will allow users to have the same experience on an iPad®, Android tablet, Windows Mobile App or on large display screens in your lobby.

Splam Vms Dashboard

Desk Management (Hoteling)

Book the Desk in Hybrid Workplace

The Splan Desk Management “Hoteling” module is designed to help employees reserve a workstation, or other physical asset in advance or real-time.

The scheduling software from Splan provides greater flexibility and options for employees and contractors, and empowers them to plan, stay productive and safe in a hybrid workplace.

Splan Desk Management Hoteling

Event Management

Splan streamlines event management with a simple to use and cost-effective model. Event planners can efficiently manage attendees, analyze their event's registrations/attendance and much more.

Splan Event Management

School Management

Schools face many challenges in today’s ever-changing education environment. Schools are committed to providing enhanced safety and security for students and staff by managing their check-in/out sheets and by adhering to State Licensing Authority requirements.

Splan School Management


Splan provides a Tenants module for property owners to manage visitors for tenant companies. Tenants can manage their own visitors and have complete access & control to configure the system. Property owners can centrally manage all visitors across all buildings at different locations while keeping the data segmented for each facility and tenant.

Splan Tenant Management


The Splan vendor management module allows you to manage third party service providers like housekeeping, janitorial services, and maintenance contractors. Splan allows vendors to login using secure credentials to manage the portal with a designated vendor coordinator. The coordinator can schedule and manage visitors through Splan, making vendor coordination easy.

splan Visitor for Vendors


The Deliveries module streamlines your package delivery process making it easy for lobby ambassadors and employees to track, receive and pickup delivered packages. Tracking information is shared across devices through the Deliveries module and associated notifications.

Splan vms for Deliveries

Partner Programs

Splan offers a variety of partner programs to accommodate your interests and customer’s requirements. We go to market through a Global network of authorized and trained Systems Integrators. Comprehensive Visitor Management continues to be a great value add for your existing customer base and a solid door opener for new opportunities.  Let us help you with this important market leading technology.

Splan also provides connectivity to industry leading access control, safety and security solutions through our comprehensive Technology Partner Program. Join our ecosystem today and make Visitor Management part of your company’s solution portfolio.

Join us and be part of our next generation check-in solutions!