Splan IAM Integration

Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Logical Identities for Total Identity Solution with Splan SailPoint Integration

Splan's dynamic integration with SailPoint offers a comprehensive solution for identity and access management (IAM), addressing the complex needs of enterprises. By seamlessly connecting various Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) with SailPoint, this integrated solution extends IAM capabilities into the realm of physical badge access.


Some key use cases for this solution include:

  • Syncing Operations:
  • Entitlements: Automate access rights sync from PACS to SailPoint.
  • Identities: Effortlessly sync cardholders from PAC system to SailPoint.
  • Provisioning and Change:
  • Birthright Provisioning: Create account and add entitlements for streamlined PACS provisioning as part of birthright provisioning.
  • Change Requests: Manage user access changes in SailPoint, reflected seamlessly in the PAC system.
  • SOD Analysis: Include physical access when defining risks during change requests.
  • Termination: Automatically delete/inactivate badges when a profile is terminated in SailPoint.
  • Recertification:
  • Compliance: Be compliant and recertify physical access in SailPoint.
  • Convenience: Managers can approve logical and physical access as part of single project.
  • By leveraging Splan's integrated solution, enterprises can elevate their security to new heights, offering a secure and cohesive environment for all users.