Splan Deepens EHR Integration with Enhanced HL7 Connector, Simplifying Healthcare Visitor Management

Fremont, California. January 26, 2024


Splan, a leading provider of visitor management solutions, today announced a significant upgrade to its integration with Epic software, upgrading its powerful HL7 connector. The connector enables secure and automated data exchange not just with Epic but with any EHR system across the healthcare network. This enhanced connection streamlines workflows and automate the visitor identity access process for healthcare facilities, from pre-registration and check-in to on-site management and check-out. The integration eliminates manual tasks, saving valuable time and resources for staff. Moreover, the solution supports various workflows, including COVID-19 health and safety compliance checks, fostering a safer environment.

Splan offers both lobby workstation software and self-service kiosks for visitors, ensuring a smooth and intuitive check-in process. It empowers healthcare facilities to implement personalized patient visit policies directly within the visitor management system. This integration seamlessly pulls data from any EHR system, ensuring policies like visitor limits per patient, watchlist monitoring, and automated hospice exceptions.

Imagine a scenario where a patient's record indicates they are on hospice care and only immediate family members are allowed for visits. Splan, informed by the EHR data, automatically flags unauthorized visitors, preventing unnecessary disruptions and ensuring patient comfort. Similarly, watchlists for high-risk individuals can be automatically implemented, enhancing security without manual intervention.

"Splan's HL7 connector represents a paradigm shift in healthcare visitor management,"said Chandra Surabhi, SVP Engineering and Services at Splan. "By unifying disparate EHR systems, we empower healthcare providers with a future-proof solution, regardless of their chosen platform. This translates to streamlined operations, robust security, and a frictionless visitor experience for everyone."

For more details on Splan's HL7 connector and its commitment to elevating visitor management in healthcare, please visit www.splan.com.

About Splan:

Splan is a leading provider of full-featured Unified Identity & Badging, Visitor Management solutions designed to address customers' safety, security, compliance, and digital transformation needs. Splan's solutions are deployed in a variety of industries in over 60 countries and support more than 20 languages. With a focus on empowering customers to efficiently manage visitors, vendors, tenants, contractors, and deliveries, Splan's capabilities offer risk mitigation while improving the overall visitor, contractor, and employee experience.