Splan Presents Mobile Credentialing Feature in Collaboration with Leading Partners WaveLynx, Blue Diamond, and HID Global

Fremont, California. November 04, 2023

Head of Sales Splan

Splan, the key provider of advanced Visitor Management solutions, proudly announces a game-changing innovation with the introduction of Mobile Credentialing. This transformative feature is the result of a strategic collaboration with industry leaders WaveLynx, BlueDiamond by Lenel, and HID Global, collectively reshaping secure access solutions for enterprises.

In a seamless integration with the Splan platform, the new Mobile Credentialing feature brings about an unprecedented level of automation for NFC Wallet mobile credentials. Users can now experience a secure, convenient, and environmentally conscious access journey directly from their smartphones and smartwatches.Chandra Surabhi, Splan's SVP Engineering and Services, underscores the positive impact on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiatives, citing the reduction of plastic waste and a significantly minimized carbon footprint.

This feature is fully compatible with an extensive array of readers, including those from WaveLynx, BlueDiamond, and HID Global. The strategic partnership empowers businesses to transition their access technology at their own pace. Users can effortlessly unlock doors, access amenities, and perform various tasks by simply holding their devices to readers, eliminating the need for physical badges.

Splan's collaboration with WaveLynx, BlueDiamond, and HID Global marks a significant leap forward in addressing the complexities of identity and access control credentials. Together, they provide a practical solution, ensuring instant validation of individuals in access control. This not only meets stringent security and governmental compliance standards but also facilitates seamless access. The groundbreaking Mobile Credentialing feature firmly establishes Splan as a frontrunner in the evolution of secure and efficient visitor management solutions.

About Wavelynx:

Wavelynx is a provider of interoperable and secure access control solutions that allow businesses to modernize their authentication technology at the pace and path that is right for their business.

About BlueDiamond:

The BlueDiamond solution leverages Carrier’s 20 years of experience developing mobile credential technology with over 4,000,000 Bluetooth® locking devices deployed across multiple industries – including Energy, Financial, Hospitality and Real Estate.

About HID Global:

With HID Mobile Access, you can use a mobile device as a credential to access doors, networks, services and more. Leveraging Seos® as its underlying credential technology, HID Mobile Access can significantly increase convenience, boost efficiency and maximize security.

About Splan:

Splan is a leading provider of full-featured Unified Identity & Badging, Visitor Management solutions designed to address customers' safety, security, compliance, and digital transformation needs. Splan's solutions are deployed in a variety of industries in over 60 countries and support more than 20 languages. With a focus on empowering customers to efficiently manage visitors, vendors, tenants, contractors, and deliveries, Splan's capabilities offer risk mitigation while improving the overall visitor, contractor, and employee experience.