5 Key Findings - Unveiling the Power of Integrated IAM and PIAM through SailPoint Integration

In today's digital world, where physical and digital identities are increasingly intertwined, Splan and SailPoint are breaking down the traditional barriers between Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM), forging a unified security ecosystem that's stronger than ever.

5 Key Findings - Unveiling the Power of Integrated IAM and PIAM through SailPoint Integration

Why does this matter?

1. Credential breaches are an epidemic: 80% of security incidents involve stolen credentials. Our integrated solution shields you from unauthorized access attempts, especially those targeting privileged accounts.

2. Integration gap? We've got you covered. A staggering 77% of organizations struggle with siloed IAM and PIAM, leading to security vulnerabilities. Splan and SailPoint bridge this gap, creating a unified access policy that streamlines compliance and eliminates inconsistencies.

3. Mismanaged access is a ticking time bomb: 80% of organizations have incorrectly assigned privileged access, exposing them to data breaches and downtime. Our combined approach ensures proper access management, defusing this threat before it detonates.

4. Auditing is a pain, but it doesn't have to be. Nearly two-thirds of organizations wrestle with separate audits and certifications for IAM and PIAM. Our integrated solution streamlines this process, saving you time, resources, and headaches.

5. Hidden credentials are the enemy. 90% of organizations worry about unprotected credentials lurking in the shadows. Splan and SailPoint stand united, shining a light on these risks and providing an integrated solution to fortify your security posture.

More than just integration, we are your PIAM powerhouse:

Think of Splan and SailPoint as your one-stop shop for PIAM. We seamlessly integrate physical access management within the IAM platform, delivering:

1. Unified Access Nirvana: Manage identities effortlessly, streamline user experiences, and respond to security incidents with lightning speed.

2. Holistic Defence Shield: Gain complete control and visibility over access, safeguarding privileged accounts from unauthorized intruders.

3. Compliance Made Easy: Simplify audits and certifications, ensuring you effortlessly meet regulatory requirements for both IAM and PIAM.

4. Future-Proof Security: Unify your access management approach, eliminating hidden risks and building an impenetrable security fortress.

5. Don't settle for siloed security - it's time to converge! Partner with Splan and SailPoint to experience the power of a unified IAM and PIAM solution.

Together, we'll help you:

  • Slash security risks: Eliminate vulnerabilities and protect sensitive data like your most prized possession.
  • Simplify access management: Streamline processes, save time, and free up your team to focus on what matters most.
  • Effortlessly comply: Meet regulatory requirements with confidence and ease.
  • Build a secure future: Gain complete control over your identity and physical access landscape, knowing you're prepared for whatever comes your way.
  • Ready to experience the power of converged security? Contact us today and discover how we can help you achieve true security.